1. Vaya Con Dios

From the recording Vaya Con Dios


A lotta cats gone down in historyBad brothers, hermanos like you and meLaying down the tracks comin’ atcha with the fat black sounds of drums riddim & steel Cubano grooves its real broChano Pozo, Mongo Santamaria Willie Bobo into the Santeria with the sounds callin’ up Shango with all of the tambores, the African roots of ritmo para mi es lo mejor  Es what I gots to let yall know all about cuz the African drum combined with my Hispanic clout is what moves my spirit, me mueve mi espirituyou know yall can dig it, escucha cuz this jam’s for you Remember the history layed down by dizzy, Machito, Mario Bauza together with Gillespie & outta that came brother Tito jamming on the timbales crazy Eddie ticklin’ the ivories listen close you’ll hear him saying
Vaya, Vaya, Vaya Con DiosVaya, Vaya, Vaya ShangoVaya, Vaya, Vaya Con Dios
Don’t forget about Barretto en la calle, sister Celia tan bella ai como canta   Carlos Santana smoking the guitarra watch his fingers do the talking yeah vato loco’s rocking Hector, Ruben, Willie Colon know what I’m sayinglike the list of the great ones just goes on and on cuz they listen to the spirit that lives inside the drum pounding out all those rhythms and singing all those songs So settle in into my latin groove cuz Martin Franco’s in that kinda mood to be diggin all the sounds comin outta the tambores check out the bass straight up loco mazacote feel the pulse of the rhythm as it flows inside your veins conga, maraca, timbal ringin in your brain listen to mi ritmo, my melody esta cantando this is what it says to you and me 
Vaya, Vaya, Vaya Con DiosVaya, Vaya, Vaya ShangoVaya, Vaya, Vaya Con Dios