1. Raza Roots

From the recording Raza Roots


Got Roots en mi Mestizo communityinspiration flowin’ in time con barrio poetrylisten to los ritmos desde New York Cityel grito de mi pueblo del San Joaqin Valleypues es la vida loca on the razors edgewatchale mi hermano cos la migra’s esta en la levakeep it tight, stay awake, take a hit of winein the by and by my brother time is on our side
Got Raza Roots, we will survivemy latin blues gonna come aliveraza roots, gonna get us highmy latin juice its liveGot Raza Roots, we will survivechicano blues gonna ride the tideraza roots, gonna get us highits in the groove, latino pride
Now dig, they call it virtual realityworking in the fields all day living in virtual slaverysystems trying to tell us lies, separate, categorizebut baby we ain’t goin awayque viva el pueblo’s here to stayCesar Chavez sparked it, Dolores Huerta marched itCan’t forget brown berets, young lords paved the wayPlantin’ seeds, sprouting strong in BabylonTeaching kids, teaching rights, in the end ya gotta fight